Sauber Technologies is the result of professional activities of researchers, engineers and consultants conducted in Brazil, Germany and Switzerland, ranging from concept to turnkey plants.

The company is engaged in the provision of technical services and consultancy in the fields of technology, engineering and business management, seeking an integrated organizational approach directed towards sustainability.

As a combined result of business activities and efforts of professionals with similar vocations, Sauber Technologies has created and maintains challenging conditions for conducting studies and research, generating scientific and technological development activities.

The consultancy of specialized and experienced professionals to companies promotes their direct application in projects which are ecoefficient, economically feasible, environmentally friendly and suitable for building a more prosperous and just society.

Sauber Technologies operates with the strong belief that in modern business management, awareness on attitudes and practical actions that promote the elimination of waste, social integration, defense and protection of the environment, seeking sustainable development, is essential to good performance and governance.

Working with public and private companies and organizations, Sauber Technologies guides towards optimizing the results coming from the base formed by concepts of society, resources and technology.




Sauber Technologies strives for excellence in providing high standard services to its clients, in strict compliance with legal, moral and professional ethics principles.

Respect, trust, integrity and discipline are fundamental in all aspects of its relationships.

Research and development in the pursuit of creating value for customers and society, should generate professional and personal satisfaction in the team members, combining human with technological aspects, personal achievements with results and high performance with passion.

Merits are recognized and rewarded.

Personal and professional development is encouraged and supported.

Healthy and stimulating working relations and conditions are sought.

The company adopts policies and practices aligned to the principles of corporate social responsibility and high quality governance systems.

Sauber Technologies is an equal-opportunity company.




In Brazil the company is located in the city of Campinas, state of São Paulo, one of the largest cities in the country and one of its biggest technological, industrial and commercial centers, with significant participation in the generation of national GDP.

Campinas Metropolitan Region has top-class universities, with international recognition, and high-level research and development institutions, facilitating the establishment of partnerships, the formation of directed teams and the provision of specialized services.




  • WPC solid waste processing plant, with full use of its recyclable components, water and energy recovery.

  • Integratable processing modules for processing residues of tree and shrub pruning and felling; construction and demolition waste; tires; furniture and lumber waste; composting; electronic, hospital, industrial and hazardous wastes.

  • LPC solid waste processing plant in mobile configuration, for processing landfills or dumpsites already formed and/or disabled, with full use of recyclable components, energy recovery and releasing the areas for other purposes.

  • SBP protein recovery plant from ethanol plants’ vinasse (stillage), for direct application in animal feed.

  • Quality systems and Quality management systems.

  • Industrial management systems.

  • Business management systems.

  • Corporate and business analysis and diagnosis programs.

  • Waste reduction/elimination programs.

  • Productivity/profitability improvement programs.


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